Coastal Forces Memorials

Established by the CFVA

Malta Memorial
  • Fort William (St. Christopher) - Located at the Highland Hotel (ex-Wardroom)
  • Komiza - the island of Vis (Adriatic) - Sited on the wall of the Base HQ in the harbour.
  • Lerwick (Fox) - Placed jointly with the Shetland-Norwegian Friendship Society in memory of eight men lost in November 1943 when MTB’s 626 and 686 caught fire. Unveiled 17.5.2000
  • National Arboretum (All Coastal Forces) at Alrewas. Trees 217,218 & 219 are to be found with the RN Review on Yeoman Avenue - reached via Millenium Avenue

Established by the CFHT

Malta Memorial
  • Dartmouth (Cicala) - On the Kingswear slipway of the Dartmouth – Kingswear Ferry
  • Dover (Wasp) - On the wall of the Lord Warden Hotel
  • Falmouth (Forte IV) - On the Promenade alongside the Maritime Museum
  • Gosport (Hornet) - CF Memorial - site of Annual Remembrance Service
  • Gt. Yarmouth (Midge) - In the Town Hall
  • Felixstowe (Beehive) - On the seafront and site of Base (close to Marine Museum)
  • Lowestoft (Mantis) - On the Seaman’s Bethel.
  • Malta (Gregale) - On the wall below Base HQ at Ta’X Biex
  • Newhaven (Forward/Aggressive) - In gun emplacement at Newhaven Fort
  • Portland (Attack) - On Coast Watch Station at Portland Bill
  • Ramsgate (Fervent) - On the wall of the Sailors Chapel in the Harbour, and adjacent to the Smack Boys House
  • Weymouth (Bee) - On coastal promenade at Newton’s Cove

Other Memorials

Malta Memorial
  • Cove Cochat, Bonaparte Beach - to the 'Shelburn' Underground Group and MGB 503 (2003)
  • Beg-an-Fry, Brittany - to the Underground and MGB 502 (2002)
  • Lower Ferry Slipway, Kingwear - Memorial to MGB 502 (2002) mined in the Skagerak days after the end of WWII
  • Rock of the Sea at National Arboretum

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